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December 21st 13.10 GMT


Stepes is a chat-based app for smartphones created by the software localistaion company CSOFT to provide quality translations by human professionals and was launched on December 17th 2015. The app uses a mobile phone messaging system akin to Whatsapp to provide an easier method of contact between companies and language professionals to come together to translate a document.

Stepes is an acronym for Social Translation Experiment Project and Eco System and refers to the Eurasian Steppe, a geological ecoregion that stretches from Ukraine to Mongolia and is believed to be where the 400 major languages in the world orginated from 5000 years ago.

Stepes in conjunction with have created a database initially of 50,000 professionals available for translation and is targetting the 250,000 professional translators worldwide. The gamechanger is that they aim to increase this number exponetially by aiming this app at all bilingual and multilingual speakers regardless of current job or location.

With more of the world becoming connected by mobile phones, it is only natural for the translation field to incorporate this medium into the market, and potentially create millions of professional translators worldwide as more than half the world's population speak more than one language.

The app breaks down a large document and separates it into smaller components and then connects those to the translators registered with the app. Profiles, ratings of the translators can be viewed by companies as well as sample translated documents. There is also a desktop application which allows companies to view the requested job in real time as it is being translated.

So how does Stepes ensure translation accuracy of the document, Carl Yao - Executive Vice President, Global Strategy for CSOFT and the creator of the Stepes app argues, that it is almost like "crowdpolicing" whereby professionals can work together, analyse and determine the quality and accuracy of documents translated. Also the review system where ratings are given, encourages more accurate translation output and hence more competent translators.

The app allows any bilingual or multilingual speaker to immediately earn money in their free time, which is saved to an in-app wallet and can be moved to Paypal.

The integration of translation and technology is increasing further and this app allows for an easier connection between organisations and human translators.


Stepes is available for Android, iOS and is coming to Windows Phone in 2016. For more information on Stepes visit:

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