New Year, new message

New Year, new message

Firstly on behalf of the Oliver Grange Languages team we would like to wish all our followers a very happy 2016.

As we enter a new year the ambition to drive more traffic to your website should be of great importance. Developing a heightened awareness of the services your business offers can help to boost sales and engage with new customers. A fantastic way of doing this is to add or amend content on your website into foreign languages. Chances are most of the content on your website is in English. However as Spanish and Mandarin are the 2 most popular languages in the world the majority of businesses are missing the opportunity to expand their service offerings globally. Plugins are generally the easiest and quickest way around this however, the content is not always accurately translated and can often lead to reputational damage within international markets.

Concentrating on one marketing feature alone i.e. SEO or Adwords can only take you so far. Adopting a blended approach however which includes the use of highly skilled and imaginative translators will help to enhance your image to prospective buyers as well as provide you with the competitive advantage we all strive for in these challenging business times. 

If translating your content is something you are planning on doing in 2016, Oliver Grange Languages can provide a free consultation on the most appropriate methods to follow. Please contact us at and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

All the best for 2016 and we hope to hear more from you in the coming months.

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