Technology and Translation

7th January 10.55am


Technology and Translation

Technology, does it really help to make our lives easier, streamline our work processes and help us to do more? This is a question that many translators are currently facing. Globalisation has forced us to find efficiencies in our work processes and with an increasing demand worldwide the need for quick, cost effective translations are forcing translators to rethink their working practices. 

Translation memories, machine translations and crowdsourcing are all new methods which claim to increase productivity whilst maintaining a certain level of quality. However, despite the increase in the products available opinion on these and their usefulness is often split. Many translators claim the time spent post-editing or pre-editing spoils the speed at which some of these systems operate. Many challenge the practicality of these advances in technology claiming the tools available are often counterproductive.

However as developers continually refine these systems and as their application becomes increasingly apparent in real life scenarios the impact of technology on translation cannot be ignored. Previously there has often been an outstanding connection between translators and technology but as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace it is apparent that some linguists are unsure of how develop a harmonious relationship with the new products available to them. This is a challenge which linguists need to address otherwise they face the very real prospect of falling short of what the industry requires and as a consequence limit the number of projects they find themselves involved in.

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