About Us

Oliver Grange Services Ltd. is one of the UK's leading lingual services organisations, recognised for our integrity and accuracy. We provide a broad range of services to a growing global community.

As an organisation we are committed to consistently delivering a quality and timely service. In working with our clients we pride ourselves on finding the right people for the right job.

All translation and interpretation services make the same claims because “words are easy”. Of course words are not easy; within each culture and linguistic group words have different associations and values. Oliver Grange employs only experienced linguists who recognise not just the words but the meaning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to combine our business experience and linguistic expertise to provide for our customers a specialised, world class translation and interpretation service.

In order to achieve this we have built up a team of passionate individuals who work  towards a common goal. We therefore regularly share knowledge between business members and our clients to help create an environment where we truly believe in our language capabilities.

Our Mission

To be a world class professional services organisation, delivering innovative services through our outstanding team of professionals.
We aim to be highly responsive to any of our client's needs and to deliver to them a high quality service achieved through our business experiences. Overall we aim to be progressive in our approach and to offer our customers a cost effective translation and interpretation service.

Our Values

We take pride in what we do and continually endeavour to be the best, acting with integrity and respecting the views and opinions of our colleagues and clients.

We are always trying to learn and we are dedicated to exceeding expectations. Quality and efficiency is of high priority to us, we combine this with acting respectfully and responding to individual needs conscientiously.

It is important to us to consider values in everything we do, with this approach we can help our customers and colleagues achieve their desired targets.

Why use us?


  • Our clients know that we get it right the first time
  • We have proven expertise in the field of translation and interpretation
  • We offer competitive rates whilst retaining quality assurance
  • We work in partnership with clients, making their requirements our responsibility
  • “Bespoke” in our vocabulary is not just lip-service but an integral part of our work ethic
  • We undertake assessment to understand the specific needs of individual clients. We know that tone and idiom can define organisations, especially in business
  • We pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency of our delivery
  • Preparation is the key to our success
  • We strive for a “no fuss” guarantee

The Oliver Grange Team

Oliver Grange is proud of the talent, commitment and adaptability of our team. Our translators bring to their work not only linguistic expertise but significant knowledge and experience of law, academia and public services. Our linguists are qualified and trained as translators and interpreters, and for specialist work are DBS checked.
We are able, therefore, to match your requirements to the specific skills and experience of our team members.
In addition, monitoring and continued support is a major part of our package of services. We ensure updates throughout the life cycle of each project.

About Oliver Grange

Oliver Grange Language Services, a UK based professional translation & interpretation service provider. Oliver Grange is committed to delivering the very best solutions to a broad base of clients. The Group is a trusted service provider to some of the UK's leading public and private institutions.

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