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We offer the service of your translated documents being proofread before being published.An independent translator who is as proficient as the original translator will check the original document and advise. Proofreading will help to ensure that you have the most consistent, accurate, and grammatically correct translation available. It can make all the difference, not only in conveying the correct message, but also in maintaining your image.



We are able to assist/advise you with documents that you have already typeset before they are published. Alternatively we also provide a service where we can typeset the translated text, mirroring the look and layout of the original document. Let us have your images and layouts and our team will work with you to produce a product that meets your audience needs.



We can assist you in producing translations for your subtitling needs, our professionals are aware of the appropriate translation to work with your video or imaging needs, helping to provide a more reactive service.



Oliver Grange offers Braille services for the visually impaired. We cover both Un-contracted and Contracted types of Braille but have found that in general most people use Contracted Braille, as it offers a much shorter form and is considered easier and quicker to read and write.

Grade 1 Braille (Un-contracted)

Un-contracted Braille is great for most basic purposes. It is larger than normal text, simple in design and is generally used by new learners of Braille.

Grade 2 Braille (Contracted)

Contracted Braille was introduced as an alternative to Un-contracted Braille. It has advantages as it enables you to save space and is consequently the more popular form of Braille. Single letters can be abbreviated to represent one word, for example words such as “and”, “like”, “the” etc are represented as one character symbols, making Contracted Braille easier and faster to read.



We have an expert team for transcriptions because it is crucial to us that we recruit only people who pay particular attention to accuracy and professionalism. We use a combination of both human “listen and type”, and professional software to ensure accuracy. We can deliver your complete transcriptions in any format you wish, including PDF, DOC, or just plain text.  The software products we use create a high quality transcription of your audio.
Our set up enables us to handle any kind of audio, CD, DVD or any other digital file including MP3, AVI or WAV.



We offer a wide range of voice-over services and use only native speakers as it helps to ensure the quality of pronunciation and voice characteristics. Our editing facilities enable us to meet your sound and duration requirements and the master copy can be recorded or converted into any digital file. Our voice-over services can be used in a wide range of industries. We have worked with a number of different clients to deliver projects including local government departments and media based organisations. We pride ourselves on quality and the artists we work with are dedicated specialists, who are able to work in many different types of organisations and situations. Many have worked on assignments for corporate organisations, so have the experience of dealing with technical language and specialist terms.


Website localisation

We understand the importance of a website needing to be commercially viable for our clients. Our website localisation services will look at the important factors surrounding website localisation and will make certain your website is not only free flowing in the target language required but also accurate in the information being supplied.
Our website localisation capabilities have allowed us to gain wide-ranging experiences in internet marketing and e-commerce. We have the ability to overcome any difficulties surrounding the input of text into an active website.

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