A few tips when embarking on a translation project

13th January 2016 - 11.50am

A few tips when embarking on a translation project

Translation is not merely the exchange of words from one language to another and is increasingly being recognised as an art. Be it the translation of medical or legal text the importance in hiring the right agency to do this cannot be taken lightly.

Organisations are often searching for the cheapest quote and not only does this represent a naivety in the importance of accurate translations but it can lead to a misrepresentation of the original text. A number of factors need to be considered and failing to do this will determine the quality of translation you receive.

Subject Matter – it’s not only about the languages being translated but also the subject matter and the knowledge / previous experience of the translator in that particular field. Be sure to check the

agency you employ are using appropriately qualified translators for the subject matter you require.

Who is the intended audience – some of the most common errors in relation to modern translation requirements is the failure to identify the anticipated audience. Select an agency that can demonstrate how they select the appropriate translator for a project with a particular focus on the translators understanding of the intended audience. 

Translating websites – there is an increasing demand for the translation of websites. Once again the target audience is of huge importance here. If you are intending on going global do ensure the agency you use employ a translator that is able to identify cultural vocabularies used by the proposed audience. Failure to do so could be costly and damage your reputation before you have started trading.

Technology – does the agency have an opinion on technology use? If so find out about it. Do they rely entirely on technology (which would be concerning) or do they take a blended approach of both human and computer assisted technologies (CAT).

Get a few quotes -  select a few organisations and enquire about their project delivery procedure. If you find quotes to be extremely low beware of what the translation produced will represent. If you do choose an organisation based on cost be sure to get a second opinion.


If you wish to discuss your translation projects please do get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to assist.




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